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The handimove hoist range is rated among the best in the world , high quality hoists made for both Clinical and domestic use.

Handimove 1641 Mobile Hoist

When extra lifting range is important

  • Lifts up to 441 Lbs / 200 kg
  • An integrated spreaderbar for convenience and use with Handi-slings
  • Emergency down feature
  • Ergonomic handle bar provides smooth ­steering making it easy to maneuver
  • Width adjustable base for easy positioning. Low profile chassis with easy-to-roll castors for clearance under low objects
  • Extended vertical lifting range for lifting from the floor onto a high bed or change table and for assisting with standing and ambulation where ­indicated.

SureHands® Body Support

You are in good hands

  • lifts quickly and safely
  • enables independent transfers
  • from bed to bath / wheelchair /  toilet...
  • leaves the back and seat entirely free
  • as simple and versatile as a pair of hands
  • comfortable sitting position
  • hygienic and maintenance free
  • an aid to floor exercises
  • a bathing aid
  • a stander, walker and rehabilitation aid


Handimove Wall Lift

A versatile solution for many situations


  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • Operates from the AC mains
  • Built-in safety mechanism
  • Mobile, easy to remove and re-use
  • Rotating range 180°
  • Accommodates both the SureHands Body Support and conventional slings.


You can use it everywhere


  • Light and compact (7 kg)
  • Economical: the same motor can be used with different rail sections
  • Attractive, does not have to remain hanging, easy to move
  • Easy to hook in place or unhook from floor level
  • Can be used with a body support or slings
  • Option: transport trolley for portable motor
  • Tarzan: a modified version for lifting between two adjoining rooms (e.g. bedroom and bathroom) with a conventional door opening. The door opening does not have to be modified.

Slings can be used in every situation and with every form of disability. They are designed for comfortable support.

  • Gentle but strong.
  • Available in netting, solid fabric, and parachute fabric
  • Netting allows water to pass easily and dries relatively quickly.
  • With or without padding (a foam pad between two layers of fabric, which provides better pressure distribution and a softer feel).
  • With or without head support.
  • Durable materials, machine washable and suitable for the drying cabinet.
  • Available in various sizes and models (from XS to XL).
  • Available from stock or made to measure.
  • Our consultants can help you select the right sling.
  • Trial purchase is possible.

Ceiling hoist with lateral motor drive - living independently

If you have lost the ability to transfer manually but you still have a limited range of motion with adequate muscle tone, it may be possible for you to self-transfer with either the 2800 L or 2800 LRC track system. Go from your bed to wheel- chair, toilet or bath in silence with a soft stop and start motion. The motor, which operates on rechargeable batteries,has a lifting capacity up to 200 kg.

The LRC wireless infrared remote model gives you the ultimate control to send the motor away when not needed and summon it back when you are ready to go.


User different Sling or Body support attached to your ceiling hoist


Petermann Bath Lifters

The Petermann bath-lift system is based on a stainless high grade steel frame and offers absolute safety and greatest possible stability. The compact one-piece lifter unit can be easily inserted in and removed from the bath tub and enables with its optionally adjustable or fixed back comfortable and relaxed bathing.

The PM-48 Battery powered lifter

The Petermann PM 48 bathlift is based on a stainless high grade steel frame and offers absolute safety and greatest possible stability. The compact one-piece lifter unit can be easily inserted in and removed from the bath tub and enables with its optionallyadjustable or fixed back comfortable and relaxed bathing.

With a load capacity up to 170 kg and a 10 year guarantee the Petermann bathlift offers unbeatable quality features.

Removable padded seat and / or back covers can be washed up to 60° C. You cannot find a bathlift that suits better in almost any bath tubs and that meets perfectly all customers’ requirements.

With Hand controller

Unit is charged outside the bathroom for safety.

The Peter-Pan Manual lifter

A Manually operated bath lifter, using no batteries or electricity and requires  no installation and totally portable.

Enjoy a relaxing full bath or a herbal or aromatherapy treatment! You can have a bath when, how and where you want!

Resist all known medical and other bath essences, with its own seal of hygiene, the Peter Pan is even easier to clean and disinfect. Enter or leave your bath easily and safely – by yourself or with a little help – with the Peter Pan bath-lift. The Peter Pan fits in any bath tub, even when you are on holiday. Spring-drive mechanism Peter Pan is made of stainless steel and is extremely light in weight – only 8.8 kg. The Peter Pan is adjustable to stand safely in your bath. There is no possibility of slipping or tipping. Peter Pan can be lowered down to 8.5 cm above the bottom of the bath tub and is easy to raise again to its original height.

 The PM 48 Junior battery operated  Bath-lifter
The PM 48 Junior has been especially designed for the requirements of home care or institutions.
The PM 48 Junior includes a number of outstanding features

  • Special wing back rest to support the younger user
  • Removable anti-slip block between the legs provides extra safety and can be positioned comfortably to suit size of user
  • Lifting height of 48 cm (optional 58 cm) and removable anti-slip block enables easy transfers from wheel chair to the bathlift seat
  • Optional head support and harness
  • Child-friendly padded covers
  • Optionally adjustable (2 options) and fixed back
  • Waterproof hand-controller is comfortable to hold and easy to use
  • also available with white or blue covers

AKS patient lifters

Manufactured in Germany the AKS range has been proved and tested

The standard hoist with higher capacity AKS Clino
The expansion of the range of hoists to include the XL format also applies to this the more stylish of the aks standard hoists. Especially in inpatient facilities, the number of heavy patients is increasing and therefore the demand for correspondingly powerful aids.

The advantages of the aks-clino® XL
In order to achieve an increased maximum load-bearing
capacity of 185 kg, the stability and robustness of the
construction have been adapted accordingly. This also
applies to the dimensions and the power of the motor.
Apart from this, the XL version is equipped with the
aks-clino® II features.
•   Increased motor power for reliable and fast lifting and
lowering (Lifting speed at full load 35 s, 25 lift and
lowering processes)
•   High-quality drive components from LINAK
•   Max. load-bearing capacity 185 kg
•   Selected castors with thread protection and excellent
rolling ability, easy manoeuvring
•   Easily folded and transported without tools
•   Effortless take up of persons directly from the floor
•   Convenient hand control
•   Mechanical spreading of the chassis per foot lever

Very stable due to a robust construction

Low ground clearance, also suitable for aks beds with
scissor base
•   Greater safety due to mechanical emergency lowe
ring and emergency stop switch (image 2) in the
event of electrical faults
•   Visual and acoustic warning against deep discharge
of the rechargeable battery at activation of the hand
•   Dimensions: approx. 1300 (l) x 680 (w) x 1290 (h) mm

The AKS- foldy range

The advantages of the aks-foldy®• can be easily folded and transported without tools
• easy, uncomplicated handling
• effortless take-up of persons directly from the floor
(picture 1)
• manual control unit with large buttons

mechanical spreading of the chassis per foot lever
• highly stable thanks to robust construction
• low ground clearance, also suitable for aks scissor
• greater safety due to mechanical emergency lowe
ring (picture 2) and emergency stop button in the
event of electrical faults (picture 3)
• visual and acoustic warning against deep dischar
ge of the rechargeable battery on activation of the
manual control unit
Options and accessories
• more flexibility and autonomy using the aks battery
pack with separate charging station on the wall
• electric spreading using manual control unit for more
convenient operation (aks-foldy®e)
• diverse hoist slings, spreader bars etc.