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The Apex Wheelchair - Adjusts to the user

Have you ever wanted a custom wheelchair,that measures up to the user, well the apex, chair is available in 14",16",18" and 20" seat widths.The Apex is adjustable in seat to floor height, seat length and back angle. Even the armrest depth can be adjusted.

The Apex is Manufacture under ISO 13485 specification

The Apex is made form aluminium and can acomodate users of up to 140 Kg's depending on model.

Armrests full adjustable in Height Depth and length

The Apex can be adjusted from passive to active setting, from high to low for foot propulsion, and tilted in space to obtain the ideal seating posture.

Back angle is also adjustable in one easy step.

Tension Adjustable back upholstery is std, and the seat upholstery adjusts with the custom seat length.

Easy footrest release catches positioned so the user and carer can easily access them, The footrests swings both inward and outward for easy access in tight spaces, footrest plates are angle adjustable to accommodate or prevent foot-drop of the user.

Apollo II lightweight wheelchair

Highly adaptable seating wheelchair with many adjustments that can change the seat to floor height , back height , armrest height, Manufactured to bear a user weight of up to 160 Kg's this is the ultimate in durability for wheelchair, the Apollo is available in 16", 18" 20" and 22" seat width, and also has a 2 year product defect warranty.


The Apollo II day Wheelchair


  • Available in 40, 45, 50, 55, 60  cm seat width
  • Option of fold down or non fold down back
  • Height adjustable back struts
  • Swing in and out footrests ( handy when getting into a car)
  • Option of Quick release removable rear wheels
  • Option of Solid rear tyres (no more flats)
  • Storage Pouch on back upholstery
  • 130, 160 or 250 Kg User Weight depending on width
  • The chair weights 16 Kg's /12.5Kg's Without rear wheels
  •  Full 2 Year warranty
  • All spares and and components available in South Africa
  • Complies with all international safety standards

       Apollo wheelchair with flip back height adjustable armrests

Adult Apollo wheelchair  with fold-down back

Ergo-Live Active lightweight wheelchair

The Ergo Live is a lightweight, stylish  active wheelchair that comes with a new range of innovative features all of which have been designed to ensure the user has maximum comfort and maximum performance. As with all Karma wheelchairs the Ergo Live is made from Lightweight aluminum and weighs just 13kg complete (8.5kg without the rear wheels) making it very easy to manoeuvre and transport. The lightweight design combined with the folding frame and short wheelbase ensure that the Ergo Live really is the perfect wheelchair for users looking to maintain an active, independent lifestyle.


The Ergo-Live Active Wheelchair


  • High grade aircraft aluminum
  • S-Ergo Seat that assists with seating posture and pressure care
  • Folding frame with fixed frame performance
  • Customizable back ( can accept third party back systems)
  • Available in std and custom sizing
  • Options of colors and wheel-sets
  • High performance mobility at affordable pricing
  • Two year Warranty
  • All spares and backup available in South Africa

Options include; angle adjustable backrest with a choice of three settings 85, 90, 95 degrees which is also height adjustable and configurable rear wheel positions. Adjusting the rear wheel allows the user to set the seat to ground height and control the performance of the wheelchair. The one piece footplate, that is both length and height adjustable, can be easily flipped up to fold the wheelchair. The Ergo Live has the option of the renowned S-Ergo seating system which prevents the user from sliding and offers increased stability at all times.  Seat Depth can also be customized

AT60 Rigid - performance lightweight wheelchair

A Rigid frame High-strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame wheelchair that is ordered according to the user, the rigid frame with foldable backrest and footrest hinges allow for easy folding and lifting of the AT60, With camber settings, back angle adjustments and rear wheel positioning this chair stands back for no other product in its pricing class.


AT60 Rigid wheelchair


Strong Lightweight Rigid frame wheelchair

  • Weight : 10.5kg
  • Seat Width 15" to 18"
  • Seat depth 14" - 20"
  • Wheel camber angle (0°/3°/5°/7°)
  • Backrest angle adjusts to (72°/84°/96°/108°)
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Two year guarantee on frame defect
  • Flip back skirt guards
  • Active breaks
  • Colour options availiabe
  • Removable quick release wheels ( options of Spinergy wheels)
  • Height customizable back

With fold down back function

  Elegant design with custom options

AT60 Shown here with spoke wheels

Tension adjustable back and seat upholstery

IVIP 515 Tilt in space special positioning chair

The IVIP 515 wheelchair is equipped with pneumatic tilt-in-space system, providing an excellent option for those who have the higher potential of developing pressure ulcers. Attendants can easily tilt and recline the wheelchair from 0 to 35 degrees to change the user’s position and relieve the pressure accumulated around buttocks are, and the chair is highly portable and lightweight.


VIP 515 Tilt-in-space wheelchair



  • Only lightweight tilt-in-space chair that also folds and is transportable
  • Intelligent 0-35* center-of-gravity weight shifting to shift pressure and  reduce pressure sores
  • Specially designed ergonomic head pillow is included
  • With newly designed swing in and away footrests as well as flip-back
  • Armrests that are height adjustable
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-staining Aegis upholstery
  • Full-length adjustable height removable armrests
  • 14″ transport wheels only 34 pounds
  • Available in 40 cm seat and 45 cm seat width
  • Seating can be customized

To overcome the potential feeling of unsafe, the IVIP515 is further equipped with an “intelligent and safe weight-shifting system” that automatically adjust for the center of gravity to achieve the steadiest position, preventing users from tip over.

The 515 is a very lightweight folding tilt in space wheelchair that uses exclusive perfectly-matched gas struts for an intelligent center-of-gravity weight shifting seat which provides wheelchair users a wide choice of tilt- in-space angles. The IVIP reaches unprecedented pressure releasing effects to reduce the risk of bedsores.

Roman Light wheelchair

Roman Lightweigh wheelchair, Available in 16"(40cm)  and 18"(45cm)  seat width, high quality aluminium construction with flip back armrests for easy transfer.

The Roman light has multi rear wheel positioning , meaning the chair can be adjuted to best suit the activity and functionality of the user.

  • Lightweight aluminium frame  8 Kg's transport weight
  • High quality seat and back upholstery ( option of tension adjustable back)
  • Folding frame for easy transpor
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Height adjustable back struts
  • High grip push to lock brake (wheel locks)
  • Multi rear wheel positioning
  • ISO rated

Multi rear wheel positioning

High quality Footrests with backing strap