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The LEON Power wheelchair

Ultimate positioning, Ultimate Maneuverability, Ultimate comfort ! With the outdoors in mind, the Leon was designed for speed & comfort without compromising stability or control.

Rear wheel drive means allows the user to be stable and secure, no matter how hard they push it, with a narrow wheelbase and full suspension making maneuvering indoors even easier. This power chair is for users that like to keep active and feel the need for speed, and also comes in a range of different color options so it can suit any style.

Full Independent front and rear suspension  for the ultimate ride comfort

Displayed with a KISS Rehab seating system, Solutions Medical customize this chair to your specific needs.

Contact us for Free demonstration - available in south Africa

The BLAZER power wheelchair

Speed comfort and compact , this tilt-in-space option power wheelchair has the quality and the price to set a new standard in power mobility,  the Blazer comes in std configurations, but can be adapted to the user by the Solutions Medical Team, and we are in South Africa, spares and backup in stock.

The active suspension offers great comfort with excellent terrain performance. Blazer is equipped with extremely strong drive motors that make a maximum speed of up to 10 km/hr possible. The power tilt in space does not affect the attractive low seat height and tilts up to 25°. Blazer is one of Solution medicals new generation, modern designed, power wheelchairs.

The Blazer Power wheelchair

With rear suspension

  • Speed: 4 mph (upgradable to 6 mph)
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Length: 99 cm
  • Seat width: 43 – 48 cm
  • Seat depth: 41 – 43 – 48 cm
  • Motor: 2 x 300W
  • Batteries: 2x 50ah (upgradable to 60ah Gel)
  • Range: 25 km (15 miles - 20 miles with upgrade)
  • Max. user weight: 140 kg (22 Stone)
  • Wheelchairs weight: 96 kg
  • Wheelchairs weight without batteries: 65kg
  • Anti Tippers
  • Tie Down Bracket
  • Assistance Brake

Options :

  • Powered tilt in space up to 25 degree
  • 60 ah batteries (20 mile range)
  • Maximun Speed 10 km/h (6mph) (Available on Blazer with Lights Model only)
  • Elevating and swing away footrest
  • Paralell swing-away joystick
  • L-Hand bar
  • LED lighting control system
  • Contour adjustable headrest

The Blazer Power wheelchair Excellent quality

Blazer power chair Adjustable Headrest

KP25-2 Power wheelchair

A compact aluminium frame wheelchair that folds up both flat and down with a fold down back,  seat widths in 16", 18", 20" , this quality wheelchair can be adapted to the user with taller back struts and tension adjustable back system, Additional manual brakes and a curb-climber option makes for an excellent wheelchair.


The “KP25.2” features a foldable frame and comfortable slung seat upholstery.
Rear wheel drive provides excellent traction allowing this chair to tackle difficult terrain.
The built-in multi-functional controller takes you where you want to go.
Designed to provide easy access and removal of the batteries, making transport even more convenient.
The KP25.2’s polished shape, easy access freewheel levels, flip-back and height adjustable armrests assure a fashionable, reliable and easy to use powered wheelchair.

KP10.3  Traveler Power wheelchair

The KP10.3 has full power drive motors like a std power wheelchair, but is designed to fold up in a very special way.

The powerful base also ensures great outdoor performance. The concept behind the design of the “ KP10 Traveler” was to make it is as light as possible and convenient to transport. The patent S-Ergo system promotes pressure redistribution, reduces downward sliding and helps maintain good posture. The ” Ergo Traveler” can be taken apart quickly and easy into three easy to handle components. The heaviest part weighs just 24kg. The quick release battery box has a convenient charging point built into it, which allows the batteries to be charged away from the power chair.

All Aluminium frame makes the chair light on power and easy to lift into a car

A very high quality wheelchair, made for traveling, this chair has full power motors, not scaled down motors as usually found in compact chairs.

Disassembles in two easy moves,  making the chair lighter and more compacts to transport.

The Chair fits into most medium to even small sized sedans.

ROMAN Alpha std Power wheelchair

A high quality yet affordable wheelchair with high quality steel frame and fold down back frame, The Roman power is available in 16,18 and 20" seat widths, the chair folds up into a very compact unit and can also be transported unfolded due to the fold down back.

High quality frame, Extra strength front forks and height adjustable armrests

The Alpha std has 2 x 350 watt motors attached to rear double support frame making this chair one of the best in its rice range

Fold down back allows for easy transport as well as easy transfer of the patient, Tension adjustable back option available.

High quality front wheel bearing system and front forks combined with a split hub front castor for easy and economical tyre replacement

ROMAN Alpha  Tilt-in-Space Power wheelchair

Based on the quality of the Alpha std wheelchair this wheelchair allows for Dynamic tilt in space  function allowing the user to adjust his or her own seating position, this function allows for a 50/50 weight distribution between the users back and seat area, not only assisting in relieving seating pressure but also assisting in lateral stability

Roman  Delux power chair

The Roman  Deluxe power wheelchair has suspension, fold down back, height adjustable and fold down back.

Good Value for money mobility, The Roman even has front suspension

Rear suspension, fold down back and height adjustable arms complete this budget package.

The frame folds flat and the batteries remove for easy transport.

Penny and Giles controller, with swing out bracket for easy access.

Roman Sahara Basic Power wheelchair

The Roman Basic power wheelchair, has a folding frame and height adjustable back, heavy duty front forks, and swing out removable footrests.

Affrordable Basic power wheelchair, foldable , removable sides and footrests.

High quality aluminum flip up and swing out and removable footrests.

Flip back Armrests and anti tip wheels as standard.

ROMAN IMPI wheelchair

A Fixed frame power wheelchair meant for use on light off-road  rural use.

Fold Down back for easy transport, Extra large drive and front wheels with dual rear suspension, makes the IMPI the ideal chair for the bigger more active user, that lives out of town.

Each side of the Impi has its own shock absorber