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The sweeping curves of the TR's titanium dual-tube frame are the perfect fusion of striking design and driven performance. Lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any chair anywhere. As TiLite’s flagship rigid chair, the TR is simply the best of the best.


Imagine the best, then go beyond, and you will arrive at the TRA. With the power and style of its titanium dual-tube frame, TiFit precision, and full adjustability, the TRA has it all. The result is performance and comfort built around you.

Take in the curves and lines of TiLite's most advanced aluminum chair.   The Aero T's dual-tube frame minimizes weight while maximizing performance.   Add to that full adjustability and TiFit, and you’ve got something special.    It's all in the ride.


With the ZR's minimalist mono-tube frame, less truly is more. The clean aesthetic of the ZR turns heads while the titanium frame makes sure you have the strength and vibration-dampening ride to go with your beauty.   Style and strength to take on whatever life throws at you.


With full adjustability and a minimalist mono-tube frame, the ZRA dishes out style without boundaries.  Add the ZRA’s TiFit titanium frame, and you have the complete package.  Strength, style, and the ability to set-up and configure your chair just for you

The open frame of the aluminum Aero Z calls out to the open road.   The Aero Z is the only TiFit, mono-tube aluminum frame on the market.   In a class by itself, the Aero Z is lightweight and fully adjustable and it won't break the bank!

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